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Exterior Mural Painting, steel, marble, polycarbonate
600 Linear feet x 7’H x 8’D
City of Greeley, CO

The second phase of an educational art fence illustrating the history of Greeley’s water development. An open and airy design accents the architecture on the museum grounds. Now totaling 1000 linear feet. Twenty 4’W x 5’T mural panels spaced between 7’T steel fence sections. Project includes time line pavers, path finding mural imagery, archived photography. The steel fencing panels represent the fluid movement of water.

• 20 painted interpretive & colorful panels
• 10 reproductions of archived photography
• 10 Time Line Marble Pavers
• 600 linear feet steel water wave fence sections
• Landscape Architecture Site Development
• Reflective of past, present and future

Exterior Mural Painting, steel, marble, polycarbonate
400 Linear feet x 7’H x 8’D
City of Greeley, CO
An educational art fence illustrating the history of Greeley’s water development through colorful painted image panels respectfully accenting the historical treasures located on the grounds of the Centennial Village. Project includes time line on marble pavers, historical archived photography on graphic signage & painted interpretive path finding imagery with a new welcoming plaza creating 400 linear feet of artful and functional fencing.

Exterior Mural Painting on steel, steel frame, stone
25’ L x 10’ H x 38” W
Downtown Development Authority & Art in Public Places Program – Fort Collins, CO
Performance painting on 10 steel panels. Installed vertically on stone pedestals and spaced 5’ apart. Walking between, each panel becomes a 10’ flag of abstract color. Approaching from the south 5 panels combined visually form a field of Blanket Flowers. Approaching from the north, the reverse set of panels form Ponderosa Pine Cones. Project fabrication completed on time within budget, installation scheduled for spring 2013.

Stainless steel, steel, sandstone, glass
14’ H x 12’ W x 5’ D
Art In Public Places – City of Fort Collins, CO
Working as a design team with Tim Upham, we highlighted the project site location history to create a bench sculpture depicting an oversized map of Fort Collins city streets circa 1900 and 2,000. It reveals the growth impact on the city from the sugar beet factory, now the home of street maintenance facility.

Reverse Mural Painting on Polycarbonate/Steel framing
30’ L x 9’ H x 4’D
Tri-Lakes Views Public Art Projects, Monument, CO
Public project conservatively depicts an important historical event influential in the development of the Tri-Lakes community. Ice harvesting was an important industry in the area. This reverse painted reproduction of historic ice harvesting is painted on staggered polycarbonate squares representing ice blocks. The mural is painted between protective layers with steel framing. Design created in collaboration with Tim Upham.

Transformer Cabinet Mural Projects
Exterior painting creates an outdoor gallery of highly textured paint application and busy design work to mitigate future graffiti in troublesome areas. Multicolored layers of color. Viewed as representational or abstract depending on the viewer’s distance. Exterior latex enamel, anti graffiti clear coat epoxy applied.

Steel, exterior paint & lights
Each – 6’W x 6’D x 12’T
Beet Street & Creative Garden Fort Collins, CO
A set of 3 transportable flowers fabricated to enhance the Creative Gardens Festival environment. Each oversized flower ranges in height from 9 – 12 feet. Designed to be easily installed and dismantled for event use, storage and reuse. Also displays for evening events wrapped with lights as seen at Gardens on Spring Creek.

Loveland, CO
Hospital commission of 5 water color paintings. 3 portraits of children representing caring, family, and friendship.2 depict soothing local architecture & environment.

Alliance Student Art Projects

Working with students from grade school through high school on collaborative classroom projects creating large-scale interior and exterior murals. With funding and support through the Alliance Program in Aurora Colorado I’ve had the opportunity to create successful large-scale murals within approximately 4 hour stretches with multiple schools and classrooms in Louisville, Broomfield and Highlands Ranch.

Students learn to use new materials, practice new techniques and creative thinking while working collaboratively with each other. It is a fast paced and exciting learning opportunity for everyone involved!

 Additional classroom experience images include guest artist demonstration in Loveland and Fort Collins.

Pedestrians gather to watch the development of paintings created for Streetmosphere, Beet Street’s signature cultural program, which transforms Fort Collins into a spontaneous, outdoor performing arts festival all summer long.

Where the Buffalo Roam West Yellowstone, Yellowstone Montana, “Fancy Dancer” Sponsored by Yellowstone Resort & Conference. 1 of 25 artists selected to raise awareness for the arts commissioned me to paint a life size fiberglass buffalo.

Denver Cowparade, Denver Colorado
“The Next Stage” Sponsored by Wells Fargo, 8′ long, 5′ high and 2’5″ wide and the “Cow Flower Power” Sponsored by Cherry Creek Arts festival, 8′ long, 5′ high and 2’5″ wide.

Performance Painting for Community Philanthropic Celebrations

2003 Hope and Humanity Celebration
The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado
Painting live in front of an audience while a band played. The completed painting was auctioned after the musical performance intermission.

2005 Tsunami Relief Fund
The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado
Again painting live before an audience as the band played. This completed painting was also auctioned after the musical performance intermission.

GARDEN SENSATION” 52’ W x 10’ H – 1999
SUNSET FANTASY” 21’ W x 6’ H – 2000
Trios Salon Spa Store Murals Fort Collins Colorado
Interior murals provide soothing environment through subject content, color use and application. Created to give the illusion of depth and a feeling of more space in tight corridors.